Mobile home rentals and unusual rentals in the Gard

Discover unique stays in our family mobile homes and tree houses, nestled in a peaceful riverside campsite. Enjoy comfort and convenience while connecting with nature. Book now for an idyllic getaway in the heart of a preserved natural setting.

Nature vacations in a mobile home at Universal campsite in Gard

  • For up to 6 people
  • Covered terrace
  • With TV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Dishwasher*

*Available on certain rentals

Different types of accommodation are available, in the shade or the sun, on the river bank or set back as you wish.

Discover the perfect balance between family comfort and immersion in nature by opting for our spacious mobile homes in the heart of a peaceful, verdant campsite.

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Enjoy sunny mornings on your terrace, surrounded by the serenity of nature. Outdoor activities abound, offering young and old the chance to enjoy themselves while exploring the surrounding natural beauty. Opt for the harmony between outdoor living and modern conveniences in our family mobile homes, for a memorable vacation in the heart of a green setting.

Unusual rentals in the heart of nature on a Gard family campsite

Ideally located in a natural setting, our unusual accommodations offer a unique experience for the whole family. Perched in the treetops of majestic trees, our tree houses offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

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Our cabins are designed to offer optimum comfort with modern facilities, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Our 2 cabins are built 10 and 12 meters high, in two plane trees several hundred years old, on the banks of the Cèze. Accessed via a spiral staircase and footbridge, they can each sleep up to 4 people.

The warm, cosy interior opens onto a large terrace with a privileged view over the river, where you can swim, fish and canoe.

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The cabin is built with respect for the tree, with natural, ecological insulation.
Charmingly furnished, the interior is equipped with a double bed and two single beds, a small water supply, a dry toilet and furniture for 4 people. For your convenience, we’ve installedelectricity in the cabin, as well as a fridge, kettle and cups.

You can take advantage of all the campsite’s facilities.

The breakfast included in the price is delivered in a basket in the morning at the foot of the tree.
It includes a hot drink, pastries, butter, jam, fruit, fruit juice, milk and bread.

  • Cabins 10m and 12m high
  • Spacious terrace in the trees
  • Meal baskets of local produce
  • Chalet on stilts with all comforts
  • Natural , eco-friendly installation
  • View of the river from the trees

An idea for an evening in an unusual, original and romantic setting, to offer to those you love. Give some height to your childhood dreams.

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